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I'm moving in a month and can't take all my stuff with me. Check it out and let me know if you're interested!!! Books, shoes, toys, lunchboxes, etc etc!! I listed what I paid, make an offer. Paypal preferred.
If something isn't priced, or you don't like my price - MAKE AN OFFER!

dueling Jack and oogey boogey set. I bought the set for 30$. sorry its a bit dusty.

ceramic Frankenstein tea light candle holder

Jack, never removed from box. I paid 20$

Sally (I bought with Jack) never removed from box. I paid 20$

I went to a horror convention a couple years ago and had Chris Sarandon sign my big jack/coffin figure. it says "to Jill, Chris Sarandon "Jack Skellington"" but if anyone is interested....make an offer

Misfits metal Lunchbox; coffin shape(sorry about the dust) I paid 15$

Spiderman metal lunchbox ; traditional shape (again, sorry for the dusty-ness) I paid 15$

Little cute light-up jack-o-lantern. It fits in the palm of my hand and is battery operated. (I have batteries in it that I'll leave with you) I paid 4$

little gargoyle type statue, it was a gift

and if you're interested in any of the stuffed animals, let me know

Star bra with slight padding

34B with removable-adjustable straps

multicolored stars


1/2" NF acrylic plugs
5/8" acrylic taper
6g yellow acrylic talons

2g blue marble acrylic taper
2g NF steel tunnel
2g NF black acrylic plugs with o-ring grooves
2g black glass spirals
2g SF steel tunnels with o-ring grooves


Sz8 canvas flats/skimmers. I paid 15$ only wore twice.

leather wingtipped maryjanes. I paid 70$ for these, I'm asking 20-25$. there's a bit of scuffing on the toe. brand: Anarchic. Sz 9

Doc Marten airwair with bouncing soles. US7/UK6 (I'm usually a 8/9, but these run large). Steel toe. 20 eyelet. black finecell leather. DMS soles. I bought these for 150$ about 4 years ago. I wore them once or twice, never even broke them in. I'm asking 80$.


perfect condition, read once. paid 27$ asking 12$

Tickled Pink - Rita Rudner. hardcover, no dust cover

Tarot for Beginners - P. Scott Hollander. Paperback. Brand New, never read.

Magical Aromatherapy - Scott Cunningham . Paperback, never read.

Magic & Witchcraft - Kathryn Paulsen. Paperback

Teen Witch - Ravenwolf . Paperback perfect condition

The Art of Amy Brown. Perfect condition. Large paperback with free postcard

Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman - paperback, library stamp on edges of pages

CSI: Double Dealer - Max Allan Collins. Paperback library stamp on edge of pages

Color Full Pain (tattoo piercing) - Walter Kehr. hardcover, minimal wear.

Smashed: story of a drunken girlhood - Koren Zailckas. Paperback , light wear.

all DVDs in original case and play perfectly
Ted Bundy
Moulin Rouge (widescreen edition)
Marie Antionette (widescreen)
An American Werewolf in Paris (widescreen)

EDIT: I added a bunch of new items!!
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