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I'm moving next Tuesday and I don't want to bring all this stuff with me. I posted some of these things a few weeks ago and people were interested, but never followed through. Well good for you, because I lowered my prices. PLEASE take these things off my hands!!!

I put the newer things on top.

Feel free to haggle!!!


10$ Shipped
Large Hello Kitty messenger bag

6$ Shipped
Quilted Hello Kitty purse

10$ Shipped
Maleficent Music Box

5$ Shipped
Bettie Page Charm Necklace

1$ Shipped or .50w/any order
Misfits Patch

15$ Shipped
Full/Queen Leopard Print/Pink Comforter Cover *very soft!*
(excuse the crappy photo, its large and I didn't want to unfold it)

and other old things....

15$ Shipped
"Anarchic" leather mary janes size 9

80$ Shipped
size 7 20eyelet steel toe bouncing soles boots

5$ Shipped
Multi Colored Star Bra 34B

8$ Shipped
Sabbath Emily's stuffed cat

Lunchboxes 8$ Shipped

Jewelry (make offer +2$ Shipping)

acrylic -
1/2" NF clear plugs
5/8" clear taper
6g yellow/green curved tapers

2g black glass spirals
2g acrylic taper blue marble
2g acrylic black NF plugs with o-rings/grooves
SINGLE 2g NF steel tunnel with o-rings (great for conch!)
2g SS SF eyelets with o-rings/grooves

and still...the jenna jameson book
12$ shipped

Please let me know ASAP if you're interested. We leave Tuesday morning around 6am, so I'd like to have things shipped out by Monday! Thanks!
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