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Some Jewellery

Hey guys,

First post here. I made some jewellery the other day that I am looking to sell, I think it's really unique, but that's for you to decide! I will consider reasonable offers, just drop me a comment. Shipping around three bucks, I guess.

Sorry for the phone pictures, I don't currently have a very good digital camera.

This is the bracelet, it's made of flat chain, closed with a miniature hose/cable clamp. I love this thing, it is surprisingly comfortable, and looks much better on than in the photo. It's around seven inches long.

Here's one of the necklaces. This is the closure/"charm," obviously meant to be worn at the front. Not terribly lightweight, but it won't cut into your neck either. Pretty short, around thirteen inches, so it's choker-style.

Another shot of the necklace.

This one is exactly twelve inches. #3 nickel ball chain. Very lightweight. I love how this one feels and looks.

If anyone has any interest, please let me know!


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